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  • Hassett and the Paradox of Thrift

    posted to EconoSpeak on Mon 12th Jan 09

    I nominate Kevin Hassett for the worse argument yet against the Obama fiscal stimulus:We are in the midst of a crisis caused by so many financial institutions borrowing too much money. Somehow, a critical mass of policy makers now believes that the correct

  • Employment Decline Casey Mulligan Blames Inward Shift of Labor Supply

    posted to EconoSpeak on Sat 27th Dec 08

    Believe it or not this explanation made it in print:Because productivity has been rising almost as much as the Douglas formula predicts the decreased employment is explained more by reductions in the supply of labor (the willingness of people to work) and less

  • A Challenge on CGE Modeling

    posted to EconoSpeak on Mon 2nd Jun 08

    Im currently working with Sightline Institute in Seattle, monitoring the economic analysis phase of the Western Climate Initiative. WCI, which consists of seven US states and three Canadian provinces, is cooking up a common carbon emissions plan, and a consulting

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  • Links for 06-30-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sun 30th Jun 13

    The Always-Wrong Club - Paul KrugmanHome-field liquidity advantage? - Vox EUA Common Bond for Two Economists - Greg MankiwImmigration, class & ideology - Stumbling and MumblingSelling the "Audit the IRS" campaign - ataxingmatterWhen the Results

  • Links for 06-24-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Mon 24th Jun 13

    Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-Bang-Query-Bang-Query - Brad DeLongLabor Share, Markups, and Economic Rents - Owen ZidarAn Interesting Debate? - The Reality-Based CommunityHas the Press Retreated from Its Watchdog Role? - Economic PrincipalsRegulation, legitimation,

  • Links for 06-17-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Mon 17th Jun 13

    Multipliers in a monetary union and at the ZLB - mainly macroRussian Cyprus corruption-linked money laundering - Vox EUIs a little bit of inflation just what the doctor ordered? - Neil IrwinForget Fed-Speak, Look for Growth View - WSJWhat the bond market is